Freon Client Shadows Crash Fix (for 3SPNv3141)
Mutator to run with Freon to stop clients with shadows turned on from randomly crashing out of the game due to improper cleanup.
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3SPN Freon Thaw Protection
Thaw Protection Mutator for 3SPNv3141 Freon Gametype.
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Mutator with all kinds of random awards. Extra Mutators packaged for 3SPN gametypes.
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CacheMaster for UT2004 (v1.2.04)
CacheMaster is a quick program for Unreal Tournament 2004 that will let you save and delete selected files from your cache, or clear your cache completely. It will load files from the cache and display all of their dependancies, allowing you to save all the required files for maps you may have enjoyed on another server in one click.

Options include:

  • Automatically locates your UT2004 install (or prompts user if not found automatically)
  • Loads the dependancy tree for each file in your cache
  • Selectively choose files to save from your cache
  • Selectively choose files to delete from your cache
  • Clear entire cache in one click

Screen Shot
UTDeps File Dependancy Checker for UT2004 (v1.0.01)
UTDeps is a quick and easy way to show any missing dependancies you may be missing for any UT packages. I wrote this really quick one night by patching some code in from the CacheMaster in order to see if I had all the files I needed for a bunch of new maps I downloaded. This will show you all the required dependancies of a file, and if they are missing or not.

Options include:

  • Automatically locates your UT2004 install for checking to see if dependancies already exist (prompts user if not found automatically)
  • Loads the dependancy list for any selected file and displays it on screen

Screen Shot
P-Fat Funpack for UT2004
The P-Fat FunPack is a package with two mutators for when you're just fooling around with friends and want to have some fun blasting away at some bots or even other players!

Options include:

  • Full Weapon Spawn Mutator: Spawns you will full weapons and ammo all the time
  • Inverse Ninja Law Mutator: For Team Games: This will penalize the team with more players by adjusting their health according to the ratio of their players vs the other teams. As a team gets bigger than the other team, they will spawn with less health. For Example: if two people are taking on 20, the ratio is 10-1. The larger team's health will only be 1/10th of the normal max when they spawn - i.e. 10 hp. If you don't know what the Inverse Ninja Law is I suggest you look it up.
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Blender Python Scripts for PSK/PSA export
These are a couple of hacked together scripts that Bob (active_trash) and I worked on to allow Blender to export the files that Unreal Tournament 2004 requires for Skeletal Meshes (PSK) and Animations (PSA). These are pretty hacked together betas, not cleaned up at all, and use at your own risk. They work for the couple of meshes, skeletons, and animations I've tested with so far, but they haven't been that heavy or complex.

  • You MUST convert all quads to triangles before running these scripts. The scripts require 3 vertexes per face ONLY.
  • You must not SCALE your armature. Scaling the armature after it has been linked to your mesh with parenting will also scale the mesh, but we did not account for this in the script.
  • Multiple Materials aren't supported yet (but should be easy to add when I get around to it)
  • There may be some other stuff we forgot to account for, dont complain if it doesn't work!
  • Modify and add features to this script as you will, if you can make it better, or add features we've left out, by all means do so, just please, email me a copy!